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Toddlers (2 years - 2½ years)


Charlotte is our Toddler room leader. Charlotte is Level 3 qualified and has been with us for over 6 years. Charlotte currently works along side Chelsea who is Level 2 qualified and currently training in Level 3. Sophie J (Level 3) also works within our Toddler room.

This group is from 2 years – 3 years. The ratio of staff to children is 1 staff to 4 children.

While in toddlers children are learning to play with each other and to share their toys. They are actively encouraged to become independent by attending their own toilet needs (with help), finding their own coat peg, putting shoes and coat on.

The Toddlers work around our rolling rota this entails moving around the rooms of the nursery from Pre-School Room, Toddler Room, Wet Room and Outdoor Play. This ensures that they are moving around the various rooms in the nursery and accommodating different areas of development.

Planned activities are provided every day. Pictures are available to take home or are displayed in the Toddler Room to make it lovely and bright.

Planning activities enable our children to experience the delights of messy play, role play, creative, outdoor play, Risky Play, Loose Parts and many more areas. We provide a variety of activities including pasta play, painting, nappy art, outdoor play including walks to the local amenities, Sand play, water play and many more to give each individual child the opportunity to develop in a positive manner.

Currently Toddler planning is made around structured activities as well as free play. We find this encourages the children a lot more and they gain more skills. If you wish to have a look at our planning please speak with Sam, Emma or Laura when you come and visit.