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Pre-School (3 years - 4 years)


This group is from 3 years to 4 years. The ratio of staff to children is 1 staff to 8 children over 3 years old.

Pre-School team leader is Laura who is also Nursery supervisor, Laura is level 5 qualified and has a lot of experience with children in all ages. Laura also has a high level of experience within the Foundation Phase. Other members of staff who work within Pre-School room are Sarah who is Level 3 qualified and Jess who is Level 3 qualified. Charlene also works in Pre school and she has Childcare practitioner Level 5. 

The Pre-School are taught in themes appropriate to the early learning goals set out in the Foundation Stage. High priority is given to language, mathematics and social development as well as creative activities. Each child is treated as an individual and is assessed to his/her own capabilities and encouraged to develop at their own pace.

A daily sheet is provided for each child every day recording food and drink taken and who has been looking after your child upon request.

So you are aware of what your child has been doing each day at nursery. A member of staff is always on hand if you have any questions or queries to ask.

We are very fortunate to be located near the park and the beach and on occasions staff take the children for games, picnics, build sandcastles and sometimes to feed the ducks or the swans!!!

Every summer when our Pre-Schoolers are getting ready for their first day at school in the September we hold our annual ‘Graduation’ ceremony. During Graduation the children put on a show for all parents, carers, grandparents and siblings. There is singing and dancing and a buffet for all afterwards. All the children receive a certificate, folder containing all their work from their first day at nursery and a graduation photograph in their cap and gown! It’s such a beautiful day; there are always tissues on standby too!!!!